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posticon Making Your Own Supplemental Nursing System

Hey everyone!
    My DH and I are embarking on our very own ANR. It is week 2 for us and we are starting to have very good results. emoticon I felt that I should share our secret to such rapid results with the rest of you.... domperidone plus a homemade supplementary nursing system!

We realized that the Medela SNS ( a device used to allow milk to flow through a straw as partner/baby suckles, was upwards of $40 dollars and being a bit creative, we decided to make one of our own. To do so, we purchased the following:

* a box of breastmilk storage bags
* papertape (found in pharmacies)
* S'getti - hollow, plastic, pvc piping used to make lanyards (found in craft stores like Joanns and Michaels)

We filled one breast milk storage bag with approximately 4 ounces of store bought milk. (Although you could use formula if you prefer the taste) Then we took approximately 2 three-feet long pieces of s'getti and placed the ends in the bag. We ziplocked the top of the storage bag and taped the other ends of the tubing just above the nipple. And Voila!!! With some creativity, and patience, we were able to successfully induce by utilizing a homemade supplementary nursing system as my DH nursed 2oz per side, 6x daily for 2 weeks.

Best wishes to everyone!
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